The Future of Napowan

Camp Napowan’s summer season for 2014 was, in a word, phenomenal. The new Skynet S.T.E.M. lab was a tremendous success: bringing with it the addition of the Fingerprinting, Movie Making, Chemistry, and Architecture merit badges along with the first of the 4 NOVA awards. Napowan now officially offers 52 of the 133 merit badges available to earn!  A whopping 1,600 Scouts had the opportunity to earn these badges this summer, and over 600 Scouters encouraged them through their journey. That brings the total up to over 2,200 Scouts and Scouters that had an opportunity to experience that Napowan magic this summer, and we hope in the years to come, they return to watch this camp grow!

Many of you have been asking what the future of Napowan will look like with the creation of the new Council in our area and the answer is simple, Camp Napowan will remain as one of the Council Boy Scout Summer Camps that Scouts and Troops in the area can choose to experience the Adventure of a Lifetime! The Napowan staff and administration will continue to dedicate themselves to providing excellent programs and customer service to any units that decide to spend a bit of their summer with us!

In fact, the creation of the new Council will only help to benefit Camp Napowan! We will have the opportunity to put our heads together, and use the resources of not one council, but four, with this new Council. That’s four times the experience, four times the scouts, four times the volunteers, and most importantly, four times the fun!

Keep your ears open for the Camping Season Grand Event that will encourage Scouts and Scouters to get excited for the 2015 Summer Camping Season! This event will replace the January “Kick-off Meeting” that we normally host, and will include information about all the New Council’s camps.

If you and your unit are looking for a way to give back to Camp Napowan, keep in mind that we are actively seeking donors and donations to provide us with the resources that we need to innovate new programs and to keep the programs we love running smoothly. Any donation helps! For instance, our Skynet S.T.E.M lab was built entirely off of donated money, services, and equipment, so the possibilities for the future are endless!

As we look into a new food company and new programs, we are positive that the next coming years of Napowan will be the greatest we’ve experienced yet! We are so incredibly excited for you and your unit to experience the magic of Napowan again in the 2015 summer season, and we want to extend our thanks to every single Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturer, Adult Leader, and family member that contributed to this sensational summer! See you next summer!

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