Dietary Restrictions

If your son has dietary restrictions…

With the increase of food allergies present in today’s youth, we at Camp Napowan have strived to make sure that every scout with dietary restrictions are fed healthy and appetizing food at every meal that has been prepared safely. If your son has a dietary restriction, please send an email to with the following information:

Scout’s Name

Scout’s Troop

Week Attending

List of ALLERGIES or RESTRICTIONS related to food

*Our kitchen staff will try our hardest to make alternate arrangements to allergies and restrictions. In severe cases, we may have to ask you provide some of the food to ensure your son is eating at every meal!

** If your son does not have any health threatening restrictions and is just a picky eater, you will need to provide alternatives to ensure he is eating at every meal. Camp Napowan is not responsible for picky eaters.

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