Positive 2014 Leader Comments

“This is my first experience with Boy Scout summer camp and I am very impressed. Staff were very energetic and knowledgeable. Thank you for a great week!” Lisa Farrell – Troop 36

“Very friendly, positive atmosphere. Really liked talkative staff at meal tables. Work around rain on Wednesday morning was excellent.” K Frank – Troop 209

“This was our first time here, coming BACK NEXT YEAR!!! Liked the open merit badge system, it works great!” Wally Wonderling – Troop 32
“Great! My son’s 5th year and my first. he told me I needed to come up and I did not regret the trip. Enjoyed my time.” Leader from Troop 496

“Camp Napowan is a magical place that is limited only by one’s imagination.” Marty Pikor – Troop 209

“All of the staff was great… Thank you for making my 1st experience wonderful.” Trent York – Troop 3

“The staff in general and the camp made such a positive impression on my first year scout. He not only wants to return, he wants to be on staff in the future!” Shane Sexton – Troop 496

“Our troop likes to come here. Any problems or issues are on the understanding that it’s all about growing pains. Won’t keep us from coming back! The staff does a great job to correct any problems as soon as they can. The staff is always more than happy to listen and try to solve the issues. We have been to other camps and all of them don’t come close to Napowan. Thanks for the great week!” Emerson Grove – Troop 849

“Awesome customer service! Concerns addressed promptly!”

“Every staff person worked to make us feel important and appreciated as leaders. They communicated well and kept scouts updated on programs. Thank you to the best staff ever and for going above and beyond!” Nancy Bayus – Troop 297

“This is the best I’ve seen Camp Napowan since 1970. You are a ‘fine tuned’ engine… your young, professional staff are dedicated and their enthusiasm will be remembered by the scouts forever.” Andy Beierwaltes – Troop 175

“My fourth year here, the best one so far!” Pablo Guereca – Troop 690

“Staff should be proud – you run an excellent program! When asked what his favorite part of the week was, one scout replied ‘the staff!'” David Videtick – Troop 657

“Any questions I had was answered well. Everyone was very nice and made us feel welcome and was very helpful! This was my first Napowan experience and I would return because the staff was so great! Our Troop did a lot and enjoyed everything they did. Each Scout was able to find their interest and try it out. Nice variety!” Maria Malo – Troop 690

“Overall a wonderful experience. Beautiful environment, enthusiastic staff, a wonderful time for all. Thank you!” Erik Hansen – Troop 7

“The entire staff was pleasant, polite, understanding and very knowledgeable. as always, a great time and many fond memories made!!” Matt Linden – Troop 7

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