Health Officer

Position:                   Health Officer
Program:                  Napowan Summer Camp
Reports To:              Camp Director
Supervises:              Indirectly entire camp

Primary Functions: To oversee and administer any and all health-related issues pertaining to the camp in accordance with the  standards set by  the Boy Scouts of America and the Northwest Suburban Council.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
-Responsible for handling all first response medical emergencies. Responsible for handling all first response medical non-emergencies.
-Maintains and stores in the proper manner an adequate supply of necessary medical supplies.
-Conducts the camp medical rechecks.
-Retains and files all medical forms in accordance with standards set by the BSA and in compliance with state and federal regulations.
-Maintains  the  first  aid  station  in  accordance  with  standards  set  by  the  BSA  and  in compliance with state and federal regulations.
-Maintains  the  written  medical  logs  and  records  required  by  legal  and  Boy  Scout Standards.
-Reports to the Camp Director any and all cases where sickness or accident requires referral to a physician or hospital.
-Attends daily camp administration meetings to help coordinate total camp operation(s). Other responsibilities as assigned by the Camp Director and/or Camp Physician

Critical Elements of the Position:

-Must be 21 years of age or older
-Be willing to obtain certification below before camp (paid by the camp) once school year has ended
-Must  possess  qualifications  in  accordance  with  BSA  standards  (i.e. First Responder,  EMT,  nurse, paramedic, etc.) OR be willing to be trained (paid by the camp).
-Extensive walking and moderate lifting required.
-Have   sight   and   hearing   necessary   to   carry   out   safely   all   tasks   assigned.

Christopher Carter
Camp Director

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